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Creating a new website is a lot of work but leads sometimes to pleasant surprises. When drawing up the list of Gércei-Vadász vizslas  which already have proven in the fields they really are pointing dogs I realized with pleasure that this list always gets longer. A better proof that we are on the right track does not exist.


The utility of field trials is in my opinion most clearly expressed in Article II.3 of the "General regulations for hunting competitions" of the Dutch Kennel Club "Raad van Beheer" which reads as follows (my translation): "the final goal of field trials is the selection of the best breeding stock thereby contributing to the responsible breeding of good hunting dogs allowing a fair hunting meanwhile  preserving the specificities of the various hunting breeds".



For some thirty years I have seen all kinds of hunting competitions and I have been there as a participant too from time to time. Again and again I must say that, although nothing is wrong with their regulations, the way these competitions are judged is completely different from the way field trials are judged.





A score of 80 % of the possible points is at hunting competitions a rather low score.At field trials this score belongs almost to the exceptions and provides access to the highest level of qualification:  the "excellent" score


In central Europe field trials for continental pointing dogs, except the competitions organized by the setter- and/or pointer clubs, are rather low in number.

On the other hand in western Europe the hunting competitions are rather few however there are enough field trials during spring and autumn.


The difference in mentality of hunters and especially the difference in the way of hunting in both parts of Europe explain few things.


With some pride and satisfaction we look at the following list of dogs born at Gérce since the start of our kennel in 1998 and already achieved good results in various kinds of hunting competitions. Although this is a significant number we can assure you that a much larger number of hunters have found in their Gércei-Vadász vizsla an ideal hunting companion.


And do not believe that vizslas which are successful in field trials are not good family dogs or pets. Almost all of the listed dogs are living permanently in the house. That this is even possible at Gérce is proven every day by my eleven vizslas.


New vizsla owners who are reading now for the first time about fieldwork can read more on this kind of competition by clicking here.


GV Sándor Tiger Woodstrofee 2010


    Gércei-Vadász Arany (*)

    Gércei-Vadász Avar (*)

    Gércei-Vadász Cseles "Berek":

    - Individual vice-winner in 2004 and

    - individual winner in 2003 and 2008 of the "European Cup Field Trial for Magyar Vizsla"

    - CACT all breed field trials, spring and autumn

    Gércei-Vadász Dana: field trial on snipes: "Good"

    Gércei-Vadász Dacos: spring all breed field trial: "Excellent"

    Gércei-Vadász Fanni (*)

    Gércei-Vadász Fitos (*)

    Gércei-Vadász Goldy (*)

    Gércei-Vadász Herta "Noa": spring all breed field trial: "Reserve CACT"

    Gércei-Vadász Honey "Aliz" (*)

    Gércei-Vadász Larry "Bumper" (*)

    Gércei-Vadász Lasko: spring all breed field trial: "Excellent"

    Gércei-Vadász Loekas: autumn all breed field trial: "Honorable Mention"

    Gércei-Vadász Melly (*)

    Gércei-Vadász Onyx (*)

    Gércei-Vadász Pengö "Pirre": spring all breed field trial: "Very Good" and summer: "Good"

    Gércei-Vadász Queen : winner of the "Cup Kashin 2009" (combined competition: field trial, waterwork and tracking)

    Gércei-Vadász Remény (*)

    Gércei-Vadász Sándor:

    - all breed field trials, spring and autumn: "Excellent"

    - all breed field trial in brace: "Very Good"

    - Best continental Junior 2010 in the Netherlands and winner of the Tiger Woods trophy 2010

    Gércei-Vadász Titan: competition on boar and tracking: "Good"

    Gércei-Vadász Zenith “Drago”: autumn all breeds field trial: “Honorable Mention”


    (*) See “our dogs


  • Amateurs-, derby and junior competitions

    Gércei-Vadász Loekas: amateur spring field trial: "Honorable Mention"

    Gércei-Vadász Orsy: junior spring field trial in the Netherlands: "Good"

    Gércei-Vadász Scala: derby autumn field trial in Hungary: "1st Very Good"

    Gércei-Vadász Zenith Drago:

    - junior field trial, spring and autumn: "1st Very Good"

    - winner of the challenge 2011  for the "Best Junior" at the Dutch vizsla club

    - winner of the challenge 2011 for the "Best Smooth Haired Vizsla" at the Dutch vizsla club

    - amateur autumn field trial:  “1st Very Good”


  • KNJV-TRIALS (the work after the shot, in the Netherlands)

    Gércei-Vadász Erös: multiple KNJV-B diplomas

    Gércei-Vadász Pengö "Pirre": multiple KNJV-B diplomas

    Gércei-Vadász Paraszt: KNJV-C diploma

    Gércei-Vadász Ulyah Czigány: KNJV-C diploma

    Gércei-Vadász Zenith “Drago”: KNJV-B diploma


  • SANITARY DOG (Sanitätshund) in Switzerland

    Gércei-Vadász Lepke “Lutri”


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