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The most recent breed standard (dated 06.04.2000) of the rövidszörü (smooth haired) Magyar (Hungarian) Vizsla (pointing dog) has been approved by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (F.C.I.) under number 57.


The long haired Magyar vizsla which is occasionally born is the result of a cross with the Irish setter is not recognized by the F.C.I.  and can be prevented by performing an appropriate DNA-test.

The Magyar (Hungarian) vizsla (pointing dog) has his origins, as his name is saying, in Hungary. This continental pointing dog (F.C.I.-group 7) was dispersed in the fifties all over Europe and the whole world. His good looking appearance and his pleasing temperament could be in the future a threat to the hunting ability of the breed, the reason why it has been created. Although a well balanced temperament, a good heath and a good looking appearance are not without insignificance for any breed we must not forget the reason - being a pointing dog - why humans have "made" this particular breed.

The smooth haired Magyar vizsla with his generally excellent nose, his never ceasing desire to please his owner, his inborn willingness to retrieve and his studious temperament is the ideal pointing dog for the hunter who wants to see combined "good" en "good looking" in his hunting companion.


If you, hunter or not, are interested in our breed you have definitely to know that:


- the Magyar vizsla is a dog which needs a lot of exercise;

- the Magyar vizsla is a dog which loves to be with his owner;

- it is advisable that you ask the breed club for information about the breeder and the parents before you are buying a puppy;

- it is advisable to ask the breeder for a written sales contract with guarantees about health, temperament and hunting

- abilities. A responsible breeder will not make any objection about this!

- the chance to find a puppy with the properties which you are looking for is higher in a litter where both parents already

- have proven that they have the abilities you want.



You can find the breedstandard on the website of the F.C.I. ( under "Standards and nomenclature", Group 7, Section 1, Hungary

>   FCI - Nomenclature et standards

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