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Since the beginning of 1981 I owned and own one or more smooth haired Magyar vizslas. Initially I bought my first vizsla "Mutsy" just as a hunting dog but soon I became interested in all points of the breed. Hence my entries at dog shows and field trials in Belgium and other countries, my membership in many European Magyar vizsla clubs, my permanent searching for written and verbal information about the breed, the foundation of the Belgian Magyar vizsla club, the organization of club shows, hunting abilities tests,  field trials and the creation of my vizsla database.


I moved from Belgium to Hungary, the country where the Magyar vizsla has his origins because I was convinced that in Hungary it should be possible to make an effort to realize my dream: building up an own line of dual purpose Magyar vizslas.


The goal of this website is to inform you about our Gércei-Vadász vizsla kennel located in Gérce, a little village in the western part of Hungary. With our kennel we are trying to contribute to the amelioration of the Rövidszörü Magyar Vizsla.


That is the reason why we are very choosy at the selection of the parents and this regarding their character, health, conformation and hunting abilities as a continental pointing dog. Gércei-Vadász vizslas are occasionally present in the show ring and competing in field trials, both with good results.



Our breeding stock is HD-free (A or B) and is DNA tested for the absence of the long hair gene.

From time to time we have a litter and we will be happy to note your interest in the breed at any time.

Under the heading "Family News" you will find the experiences of G.V. Vizsla's and their owners.


Every Gércei-Vadász Vizsla owner interested in the field trial competition and wanting to become acquainted with this type of competition for pointing dogs will be our guest at Gérce. You will find more information when you click on the "training" button.


On the 17th April 2014, one day before she has been mated, my female Luppa-Vadász Zerge made a 1st place “Good” on a open field trial in Austria. She made a very nice point but her course was not at that level, surely due to her seasons.




Queen is a daughter out of Gércei-Vadász Fanni and Gércei-Vadász Goldy and lives at Moscow. To get this title a vizsla needs to have at least 2 CACIB certificates on international dog shows in two different countries. In more the dog has to have a good placement on a national or an international field trial or hunting test. At only 2 years of age, Queen has been the winner of the most prestigious Russian complete hunting test competition (field trial, water work and blood tracking). She is the second Russian vizsla with this very nice title. Aleksey and Queen, we are very proud of you!

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